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20 questions

Every artist is a person, and every person has some principal values that determine who he is and what he fears, loves, cares and thinks about his current environment.


During our meetings and lectures we ask our guests (or hosts) 20 simple questions, which we consider essential to understand one's vision and the culture he's part of.


The interviews are uploaded to our facebook page & one day we hope to produce a documentary based on the materials we gather.

Boris Schatz Artistic Medal Symposium 2015-2016


Israeli Artistic Medal Association,

Vilnius Academy of arts faculty in Telsiai

Lithuanian Artistic Medal Association

National Art Academy in Sofia and the Bulgarian Medallic Art Studio

Are holding an international artistic medal symposium during the years 2015-16


In August & September 2015 more than 50 artists participated in 3 stages of the symposium. Each took place in one of the countries where Boris Schatz lived and worked.


The participants are members of the local artistic medal organizations and each stage hosted representatives from the two other contributing countries.

By the end of 2015 all medals will be casted and sent to the three countries for a local and later combined competition during 2016.

In December 2016, on the 2nd day of Hanukkah exactly 150 years since Boris Schatz birth, 3 exhibitions will be opened to the public in Vilnius, Sofia & Jerusalem

Study at CAN

Sculpture is CAN

CAN is the New Artists Collegium

Its a path, its a union & its a place for those who

  • Want to be sculptors for real

  • Want to master this profession from the very basic technical tools to the most complexed understanding of form & space

  • Those who are eager to live at the foundry, at the stonemason shop, by the ceramic klin & the carpenter table

  • Those who want to take part in actual sculptural projects from the very begining of their studies

  • Those who are tired of the chatter in and around art

  • Those who are tired of trying to be "accepted" at the academies

  • Those who agree with the next set of values

          1. Respect your profession
          2. Respect your colleague
          3. Respect yourself


If this is you, you are welcome to sign up for an interview


To find out more about the courses offered this year by our Master members see their personal pages


The town of Jurbarkas, Yurburg in Yiddish, is a rather unusual place in the Lithuanian cultural and political landscape.


Unlike other towns and cities in Lithuania, the people of Jurbarkas are committed to preserve the history of their town where the Jewish people once lived and formed an integral part of the community playing a central role in the urban and financial development of the region.

Recently the municipality approved renaming the junction of Kauno and Kranto streets in the town center –

The Synagogue Square.

This square, adjacent to the historical location of Yurburg's two major Synagogues, was chosen as the site for a memorial dedicated to the Jewish Community of Yurburg.


In April 2016, mayor Skirmantas Mockevicius asked H.E. Mr. Amir Maimon, the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Republic of Lithuania to contact Israeli sculptor David Zundelovitch and his creative group CAN New Artists Collegium with a request to design and create the future memorial.

Synagogue Square Memorial - Jurbarkas, Lithuania
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