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Tribute to Jacques Lipshitz



Sculptor Jacques Lipshitz was born in Druskininkai, Lithuania
His father was one of the main contractors in town at that time with majority of the wooden houses in the center commissioned and built by him.
Young Jacques left Druskninkai to study art and became one of the most notable and influential sculptors working in the first half of the XX century.
After his parents passing their tombstones were vandalized by local antisemites.

Jacques Lipshitz never returned to his birth town...
Nevertheless he is one of the personalities this township is most proud of to this day...

This was the inspiration and image for this outdoor sculpture.
Remains of ruined headstones with inscriptions from Ecclesiastes - A time to scatter stones, and a time to gather. A time to embrace, and a time to be far from embraces - in Hebrew and Lithuanian.

The upper board of these ruined headstones forms a negative image resembling to the body of an doe - the first sculpture exhibited by Jacques Lipshitz in Paris when he begun his studies there

The sculpture was created during a symposium held in the memory of the great sculptor in Druskininkai in 1998

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