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 Limor Shiponi 

Limor Shiponi is a professional storyteller and CEO with The Storytelling Company, Israel.


Her English blog 'Limor's Storytelling Agora' is well known among professionals, being an arena for debate and deep insights about the art.

While performing and researching her art for over twenty years, she has moved into business with two ideas in mind – helping companies create cultural and social change and proving that being an artist is not the equivalent to life-long beggary.


Her deepest interest is with music, eventually becoming a practicing orchestra conductor.

With a stretch of the imagination you might see how she was a ballerina for twelve years.

Her other fields of interest are numerous and she happily crossbreeds knowledge while performing her favorite sport – seeking and finding deep solutions to complex issues. 


Less-known facets of Limor's personal interests are – living as a polymath, living in compassion while knowing when do draw the sword, the heroine's journey and sustainability. 


Expert at CAN New Artists Collegium

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For more information & projects please check out (English) (Hebrew)

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